About us

Blue Omega is Andrew and Jonathan Starnes two brothers from Cambridge, England. We have been passionate about Video Games all our lives and feel incredibly privileged to be able to work creating things we love. Oh and Jessie helps too.

Our aim is very simple - create games we love and games our players will love. We put everything we can into every game we develop while listening to our community every step of the way.

Blue Omega have been creating games & media for the web and mobile for over 10 years. We've developed a massive range of games from small casual games to gigantic massively multiplayer mobile games. We put the same amount of care into everything we produce.

Our Story

Our Journey in Game Development to the present day
  • 2008Blue Omega Founded

    In 2008 Andrew and Jonathan started Blue Omega. In the early days we were focused on competitive multiplayer 'skill gaming'. In this period we made Sweet Swap (a match 3 game), Pyramid Solitaire and World Whiz as well as a number of others. In all the games the player was matched against another player with a similar skill level to play against.
  • 2009-11Creating Flash Games

    We started to make small flash games for game portal sites. Our first foray into Flash Games was World War Tower Defense. WWTD was quite popular for its time, being played well over 1 million times. After the success of WWTD we started creating more Flash Games which were published by Kongregate, King and Armor Games. You can still play those games here.
  • 2011Horse Academy

    We were hired by Social Titans to create Horse Academy. Horse Academy is a multiplayer Horse Racing game. Build your own ranch, breed, train and race your horses against players from around the world. Horse Academy has a very passionate and tight-knit community that is still very strong today. We are currently developing the third version of Horse Academy.
  • 2012Terra Monsters MMO

    Still in partnership with Social Titans we developed Terra Monsters for the Facebook platform. The first version of Terra Monsters was a massively multiplayer creature capturing game. Players could roam around in an open world alongside other players. TM MMO was very popular and the series is still going strong today.
  • 2013-14Terra Monsters 1 & Horse Academy 2

    Terra Monsters 1 was our first game developed for iOS and Android with Social Titans. The mobile versions of Terra Monsters have so far been single player games. Terra Monsters 1 was a very successful game having been downloaded on Android over 2 million times. After we finished Terra Monsters we began creating a mobile version of Horse Academy, which we self published.
  • 2015 Terra Monsters 2 & Racing Manager

    Terra Monsters 2 expanded on the existing franchise expanding the world and the number of Monsters in the game. Terra Monsters 2 was our first game developed in Unity for Mobile. In the summer of 2015 we developed Racing Manager a small experimental racing manager simulation.
  • 2016 Terra Monsters 3

    In 2016 we released Terra Monsters 3 with Social Titans. Terra Monsters 3 is the first game in the series developed in 3D. It is the third and final part of the story that followed through the mobile games.
  • Present Day Horse Academy & TM Mobile MMO

    We are currently working on converting Horse Academy into 3d in the unity game engine. The newest version of HA will be released early 2017 on iOS and Android. We have also begun work on the latest version of Terra Monsters which will introduce the massively multiplayer features back into the series.